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Toulouse Plant Microbe Phenotyping Platform

The Team

The current TPMP team is

  • Nemo Peeters, DR INRA, TPMP director, management.
  • Felicia Maviane-Macia, CDD IE INRA, image analysis expert
  • Mehdi Khafif, AI INRA, plant-biotic interaction and camera specialist.
  • Fabrice Devoiles, AI INRA, plant growth and climatic conditions specialist.
  • Sandrine Barrere, AI CNRS, financial management.
  • Philippe Luis, TR INRA, Climatic conditions specialist and maintenance specialist.

The platform TPMP provides automated, high-throughput phenotyping in controlled conditions for different plant species and their associated microorganisms. The equipment has been specially designed and adapted to the scientific questions of our community, particularly for studies on plants and their interactions with the biotic and abiotic environment. It is therefore quite unique in France and is dedicated to a broad scientific community from the academic or private sector.

The platform is designed to

  • Manipulate the environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, light, CO2) with the aim to mimic the changing environment predicted for the coming decades;
  • Measure the impact of changing environmental conditions on plant and microbial performance, and to allow a detailed, quantitative, high-throughput evaluation of the different phenotypic components and the physical and biological environmental characteristics;
  • Acquire mass phenotyping data, resulting principally from non-destructive plant analyses;
  • Manage and treat mass data and generate new knowledge in the domain of plant science, particularly in relation to interaction with microorganisms and the environment.