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Toulouse Plant Microbe Phenotyping Platform

Management Committees

Direction Committee

User Scientific Committee

  • Didier Aldon (Associate professor Toulouse University, researcher at LRSV UMR CNRS-Toulouse university)
  • Adelin Barbacci (INRA researcher at LIPM UMR INRA-CNRS)
  • Pierre-Marc Delaux (CNRS researcher at LRSV UMR CNRS-Toulouse university
  • Laurent Gentzbittel (Professor at INP-ENSAT, Researcher at ECOLAB UMR CNRS, Toulouse university, INP-ENSAT)
  • Fabrice Roux (CNRS researcher at LIPM UMR INRA-CNRS)
  • Nicolas Langlade (INRA researcher at LIPM UMR INRA-CNRS)
  • Benoit Lefebvre (INRA researcher at LIPM UMR INRA-CNRS)
  • Stephane Munos (INRA researcher at LIPM UMR INRA-CNRS)
  • Nemo Peeters (Director of TPMP, INRA researcher at LIPM UMR INRA-CNRS)
  • Julien Pirrello (Associate professor INP-ENSAT, researcher at GBF UMR INRA-INP-ENSAT)
  • Cecile Pouzet (Manager of the Cytology platform at the FR AIB, CNRS, Toulouse University)