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E2 MeX: Metabolism of Xenobiotics

The team Metabolism of Xenobiotics (MeX) works on the metabolic effects of food contaminants.

Metabolism & Genotoxicity (including mixture effects)

  •  [PAHs, pesticides, phénols, mycotoxins…]
  •  gH2AX test in vivo / in vitro; Modeling of mixture effects.

Systems Biology : omics-based modulation of the metabolic network when exposed to xenobiotics

  • in vitro (cellular models)
  • in vivo (organism)
  • Including low-dose toxicology issues
  • Descriptive & predictive modeling of metabolic networks
  • Development of a dedicated web-server (

Metabolic Bioactivation / Détoxification of Xenobiotics

  •    Fate of xenobiotics in vivo / in vitro : links with toxic effects
  •    [plasticizers, pesticides, PAHs, BFR… over 50 published papers]