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E12 COMICS: Contaminants & Cellular Stress

E12 COMICS: Contaminants &  Cellular Stress
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Scientific context

The links between the environment and the occurrence of chronic diseases are increasingly supported by epidemiological studies, particularly those related to the presence of contaminants in food. The mechanisms that underlie these deleterious effects on human health remain to be established, however, with the methodological constraints inherent to food toxicology: low doses, chronic exposures, mixtures, ADME of the digestive tract (absorption, distribution, metabolism, elimination and microbiota). Since genetic polymorphism affects the cellular response, we pay particular attention to the contribution of susceptibility genes involved in aging and carcinogenesis in response to contaminants.

Our approaches

Through mechanistic approaches developed in vitro, we determine how cells respond to exposure to contaminants by considering several parameters:

  •     Genetic susceptibility
  •     The involvement of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs)
  •     Activation of xenosensors

Cellular responses, having major roles in the toxic processes of contaminants, can be broken down as follows:

  •     Oxidative stress
  •     Genotoxic stress
  •     Metabolic stress
  •     Mitochondrial stress

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Eduardo Villablanca visiting COMICS.
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