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E10 TCMX: Molecular & Cellular Toxicology of Xenobiotics

Overall Objectives:

- Carry out a meaningful assessment of health risks associated with food contamination by xenobiotics, in terms of both external and internal exposure of populations for better risk management by the authorities, in collaboration with the French Agency for Food Safety (ANSES).
- A research program based on the problem of low-dose chronic exposure to xenobiotics alone or in combination, in quasi-physiological conditions and in the field (a strategy combining metabolic data, phenotypic and "omics" both in vivo and in vitro).

Specific scientific focus :

  • on chemical contaminants (pesticides, POPs) strongly suspected of being involved in some physiological dysfunction in adipose tissue, liver ...
  • on chronic disease with an etiology attributed at least in part to environmental xenobiotics (cancer related or unrelated to genotoxicity, hepatotoxicity, metabolic syndrome ...).