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PrediTox, the start-up that evaluates the carcinogenic potential of your compounds

An ability to evaluate the carcinogenic potential of compounds at a very early stage is an important challenge for all pharmaceutical, cosmetics,...
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Ciag 12/2018

Food Contaminants: Emerging Approaches to Identify and Prevent Risk

Consumer's food and nutitional security and safety must be ensured for daily consumption for a lifetime. However, risk assessment in food remains...
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13th INRA Awards ceremony

Isabelle Oswald, 2018 winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award.

The grand prize of Agricultural Research this year rewards Isabelle Oswald, world expert in mushroom toxins, which present in 50% of our food,...
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Epi de maïs

MON 810 and NK603 GM Maize: No Effects Detected on Rat Health or Metabolism

A diet based on MON 810 or NK603 transgenic maize does not affect the health or metabolism of rats, under the conditions of the GMO 90+ project
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Red Meat

Marinate red meat to limit the risk of colorectal cancer

A nutritional prevention track to limit the risk of cancer induced by the iron of the red meat by transforming and consuming meat differently.
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Male mice liver - steatosis

Cocktail effect of low dose pesticide mixture in food : gender-related metabolic disturbances

Male mice exposed to pesticides gain weight and become diabetic. Female mice are protected from these effects but exhibit other metabolic...
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Muqueuse intestinale

Titanium dioxide does not weaken intestinal mucus

INRA TOXALIM and MICALIS research units, in collaboration with CNRS teams, investigated the potential effects on the intestinal mucus of TiO2, an...
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Nanomaterials in food

Nanotechnologies & nanomaterials in food : assets, risks, perspectives

The work of Toxalim's EnteRisk team is cited in the Center's analysis note #120
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First Toxalim Keynote

"Sexual Dimorphism and Gender: Implications in Toxicology and Health Research", le 29 mars 2018

Toxalim organizes, under the label ESOF 2018, a symposium on sexual dimorphism and its implications in toxicology and health
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NEWPOM : Pesticides in apple orchards. From exposure measurement to impact assessment

Newpom is a research-businesses partnership project co-funded by the Occitanie Region whose main objective is to compare the levels of exposure to...
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