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Metabolites footprints

Metabolites footprint is a quick analysis (high-speed approaches) of a biological sample performed by NMR or mass spectrometry. The metabolics footprint is the basis for a chemometric approach (metabonomics) to highlight discriminating factors in a population of samples, or for high-speed phenotyping or biomarker research. For this, footprints are collected for each sample. Each footprint (each spectrum) is then decomposed (reduction data phase) for generating a set of characteristic data of the sample.

A statistical analysis (PCA, PLS, etc..) is then applied to all samples to bring out discriminating factors.


Analyzes :




These analyzes can also been completed by structural analyzes carried out by NMR and/or mass spectrometry for the identification of unknown compounds (natural products, contaminants, metabolites produced in vivo or in vitro in animals or plants, etc.).


Research and Development in Metabolites Footprint:

  • Development of Exposomic methods by LC-HRMS screening of particular metabolites (suspect screening)
  • Development of metabolites footprint by LC-HRMS from various biological matrices or with different chromatographic conditions
  • Development of metabolites footprint by 1H-RMN from various biological matrices