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Laboratory of Plant-Microbe Interactions - LIPM

Laboratory of Plant-Microbe Interactions


Dr Susana Rivas, DR2 CNRS, group leader

Susana RIVAS

Susana did her PhD in the University of the Basque Country (Spain) working on bacterial conjugation. After her PhD, she moved to the Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich (UK) where she spent six years as a postdoc in the group of Jonathan Jones. During her postdoc, Susana investigated the function of the tomato Cf-9 protein and its role in defence response activation and specific recognition of the Avr9 peptide from the fungal pathogen Cladosporium fulvum. In 2003, she was recruited as a CNRS researcher. Since then, Susana studies the transcriptional regulation of Arabidopsis defence and associated hypersensitive cell death responses to pathogen attack and, more recently, the interplay between plant immune and developmental signaling pathways.


Rémi de Marchi, PhD student

Rémi de Marchi

Having obtained a Master degree in Plant Biosciences at the Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, Rémi started a PhD at Maynooth University (Ireland) in 2014. His PhD project is co-supervised by Emmanuelle Graciet (Maynooth University, Ireland) and Susana Rivas. He investigates novel roles of the N-end rule pathway, a subset of the ubiquitin-proteasome system that relates the in vivo half-life of a protein to the identity of its N-terminal amino acid residue, on the control of the plant response to pathogen attack.


Nolwenn Guéguen, PhD student

Nolwenn Guéguen

With a degree from INSA (Toulouse) in Biochemical Engineering, Nolwenn carried out a Master II internship in our group. Following this training period, she initiated a PhD funded by the BAP INRA Division and the Occitanie Region and co-supervised by Corinne Audran and Susana Rivas. Nolwenn’s PhD project aims at better understanding the protective roles of certain plant defence regulators during seed development.


Dr Heba Ibrahim, postdoctoral fellow

Heba photo test

During her PhD, Heba worked in a collaborative project between USDA-ARS in Maryland (USA) and Cairo University (Egypt) and studied the interaction between soybean and root knot nematodes. She was next awarded a Fullbright post-doctoral fellowship in the University of Maryland to explore alternative splicing events in Arabidopsis thaliana. Since 2017, she is an Associate Professor of Genetics at the Faculty of Agriculture in Cairo University. Thanks to a post-doctoral fellowship from the Embassy of France in Egypt/Institut Français d’Egypte and the Science and technology Development Fund, she joined our team in order to investigate defence-related transcriptional reprogramming in Arabidopsis.