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Laboratory of Plant-Microbe Interactions - LIPM

Laboratory of Plant-Microbe Interactions

Past members - Endosymbiotic infection and nodule development

Maria-Fernanda Guerrero-Molina, Post Doctoral Fellow, 2016-2018

Mireille Chabaud, IR1 INRA,   -2017

Iltaf Abdou-Pavy, CDD IE, 2015-2017

Martina Beck, Post-doctoral fellow, 2015-2017

Carine Satgé, PhD student, 2013-2016

Maël Baudin, PhD student 2011-2014

Justine Fromentin, PhD student 2010-2013

Marion Cerri, PhD student 2009-2013

Tom Laloum, PhD student 2009-2013

Philippe Laporte, Post-doctoral fellow, 2010-2012

Brice Roux, ANR-funded Engineer, 2009-2012

Björn Sieberer, Post-doctoral fellow 2006-2011

Etienne-Pascal Journet (CR1, CNRS)  -2010

José Garcia (TCN, INRA)  -2009

Laurence Godiard (CR1, INRA)  -2008

Tatiana Vernié, PhD student 2004-2008

Alice Teillet, PhD student  2004-2008

Thomas Ott, Post-doctoral fellow 2006-2007

Jean-Philippe Combier, Post-doctoral fellow 2004-2006

Andry Andriankaja, PhD student 2002-2006

John Esseling, Post-doctoral fellow 2005-2006

Marielle Barascud, CDD 2004-2006

Laurent Sauviac (AI, INRA) 2004-2005

Fikri El Yahyaoui, Post-doctoral fellow 2003-2004

Dorothée Charron, PhD student 2000-2004

Aurélien Boisson-Dernier, PhD student 1999-2003