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Laboratory of Plant-Microbe Interactions - LIPM

Laboratory of Plant-Microbe Interactions


From the outset, the LIPM has focused its research on the interactions between plants and either symbiotic or pathogenic microbes, co-ordinating studies on both plant and microbial partners. These studies allow us to address key biological questions concerning the determinants which control pathogenic/symbiotic associations, the mechanisms of host infection, inter- and intra-organism signaling, developmental programs, regulation of gene expression and finally the mechanisms of metabolic adaptation.

Root Endosymbioses
Plant-Pathogen-Environment Interactions
Symbiotic fonctions,genome and evolution of rhizobia
Ralstonia pathogenesis and adaptation to the plant environment
Sunflower Genetics and Genomics
Responses ta stress and environmental signals in rhizobia
Infectious strategies of Xanthomonas
Ecological genomics of adaptation in plant communities
Symbiotic signalling
Quantitative Immunity in plants
Plant resistance pathway dynamics and adaptation to global warming
Endosymbiotic infection and nodule development