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Laboratory of Plant-Microbe Interactions - LIPM

Laboratory of Plant-Microbe Interactions

Equipment - Facilities

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The service possesses a number of facilities offering different levels of confinement and environmental regulation


  • I greenhouse (170 m2) for growing a variety of plant species which can subsequently be used for experiments with different symbiotic and pathogenic microbes studied at the LIPM.
  • 1 S2 greenhouse (130 m2) for growing transgenic plants.
  • 1 S2 greenhouse (72 m2) shared between plant laboratories belonging to the FR AIB/LabEx TULIP.

Growth chambers

  • 11 growth chambers (total 112 m2) which can be regulated for temperature, photoperiod and in certain cases hygrometry.
  • 5 growth chambers (total 29 m2) and an L2 laboratory for manipulations with the quarantine bacteria Ralstonia solanacearum.
  • 2 S2 culture rooms (12 m2 each) currently used for growing sunflower plants in association with various pathogenic organisms.
  • 5 growth chambers (40 m2 total) shared between plant laboratories belonging to the FR AIB/LabEx TULIP.

In vitro growth chambers

  • 4 growth chambers for growing in vitro plant material (mainly for Arabidopsis and Medicago)
  • 1 growth chamber for plant cell suspension culture.
  • 1 laboratory and 4 L3 growth chambers (12 m2 total) for experimentation with the fungal pathogen Plasmopara halstedii.

Phenotyping platforms

  • Heliaphen, an outdoors high-throughput automated phenotyping platform (600 m2) capable of dealing with 1300 pots, currently used mainly for sunflower.
  • An S2 automated phenotyping platform which is currently under construction (opening April 2015), shared between plant laboratories belonging to the FR AIB/LabEx TULIP and comprising:
    • 210 m2 of greenhouse with 90 automated transportation units capable of carrying up to 3 Kg.
    • 6 controlled growth chambers (total 39 m2).
    • 1 automated phenotyping robot (Lemnatec) equipped with 3 high-definition 3D cameras (IR, UV and visible).
    • 1 automatic watering unit.
    • 1 automatic weighing unit.
    • 1 confined cabin for high-throughput spraying.
    • Adjacent S2 technical facilities: Microbiology laboratory, Washing room, Plant potting room.
plateforme phénotypage

Finally, certain LIPM teams also make use of field facilities (2000 m2) for either sunflower or Arabidopsis culture.