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Laboratory of Plant-Microbe Interactions - LIPM

Laboratory of Plant-Microbe Interactions

DAF (Data Analysis Facility)

The goal of the DAF (Data Analysis Facility) at the LIPM is to help researchers with data requiring statistical analysis and interpretation, let those data be derived from transcriptomics, proteomics, phenomics or whichever approach the researcher may have taken. My work will involve data-quality assessment, descriptive statistics (PCA, clustering, classification…), inferential analysis as well as data interpretation (Gene Ontology, enrichment tests…) and visualization. I provide also advice on experimental design in order to optimize the experiment outcome. It is also my job to give a hand to LIPM researchers starting and/or being stuck with [R] coding. Finally, I am also involved in teaching, most notably at the Systems Biology Master at the University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse.

David Rengel

David Rengel made his PhD Thesis at the University of the Basque Country (Spain), where he studied the molecular interaction between carotenoids, proteins and model membranes. In 1998 he started working on Plant Biology during his postdoc at the John Innes Centre in Norwich (UK) in Cathie Martin’s group. During this period, he studied the role of DAL (a.k.a MORF) genes in the development of A. thaliana. He lives in Toulouse since 2004, where he has worked as a postdoc on xylogenesis in Jacqueline Grima-Pettenati’s team at the LRSV, and on sunflower tolerance to drought in Patrick Vincourt’s team at the LIPM. During his career he has evolved from bench-work towards the statistical analysis of complex biological data, allowing him to be recruited in 2011 as data-treatment specialist at the LIPM. Between 2012 and 2015 he’s worked at the Genomics and Transcriptomics PlaGe-GenToul Facility, which allowed him to familiarize with the technical aspects of high throughput NGS technologies. In 2015 he returns to the LIPM. Since 2015, he is part as well of the Biostatistics Facility at the GenoToul.