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Forrage Rummy, how to support the participatory design of adapted livestock systems ?

Video (in french) realized at the last Livestock Summit (2013)
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About AGIR research unit...

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UMR AGIR (AGroecologies, Innovations & Ruralities) is a combined INRA-ENSAT/INP research unit brings together researchers in biotechnical sciences (agronomy, ecophysiology, ecology and statistics) and social sciences (management, economics, social geography  and sociology). This organization is mobilizing skills to deal with specific issues about agriculture and sustainable development, focusing on situations linking the cultivated grassland and the agroecosystems.

Our project aims to produce knowledge for the actors involved in collective action devices where coordination and learning processes emerge. This project also aims to develop and articulate knowledge on agrosystems (thinked as biophysical spaces but also as managed spaces), trades and skills of the development agents, the strategies of supply, collection and processing companies.

The scientific challenges are (i) to strengthen research on systems design and management of resources, (ii) to reinforce the study of collective action devices by taking into account the technical knowledge and (iii)  to integrate knowledge at territories scale.