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Training Course on Agroecological Crop Protection (ACP)

February 11-16, 2018 - Volterra, Italy

Training Course on Agroecological Crop Protection (ACP)
CIRAD : Jean-Philippe Deguine, François-Régis Goebel, Alain Ratnadass - INRA : Jean-noël Aubertot - Institute of Life Sciences : Camilla Moonen

The principles, approaches, axes, pillars and implementation strategies of Agroecological Crop Protection (ACP) at the field and lanscape levels are not the same as those known to date. therefore, ACP represents a new field of research and applications yet to be thoroughly studied and disseminated. in line with current objectives assigned to crop protection, ACP creates a breakthrough in cropping system design and in the management of interstitial spaces, switching from agrochemistry to agroecology. ACP is the underlying framework of this training Course: review of the principles of ACP, critical analysis of the evolution of Crop Protection, and results of participatory experiments under various production systems. Particular attention will be paid to the role of modelling approaches in designing agroecological cropping systems based on ACP, as well as on activities in this new context, with specific reference to researchers (e.g. new knowledge to be acquired, multicriteria evaluation, inter-disciplinarity). Finally, this training Course will propose practical recommendations to help implement the agroecological transition, for temperate as well as tropical agroecosystems.

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